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What Is Premises Liability?

The legal concept of premises liability is related to a simple idea: an owner is responsible for their property. If you are injured because of the unsafe conditions on another’s property, they are liable. But their insurer will likely fight you for the compensation you deserve. That’s when you need to turn to an attorney.

When your medical bills become more than you can manage because of an accident that wasn’t your fault, turn to the team at Christensen Law Office, PC. We work with clients across South Dakota on claims from personal injury, workers’ compensation and disability matters. Attorney Renee H. Christensen is an unwavering advocate for her clients and pursues your results with zeal and skill.

Common Types Of Premises Liability Injuries

A trip and fall at the grocery store can be embarrassing in the moment, but for most people, that’s it. That same fall may lead to a hospital stay for an unlucky few. Premises liability covers many injuries and situations, including

  • Slip and falls in public places: wet floors in grocery stores, unshoveled snowy sidewalks, walking hazards.
  • Unsafe conditions on private property: Loose floorboards on front decks, faulty railings, dangerous walkways.
  • Hazardous conditions occupied spaces: Unsafe steps, toxic fumes, and chemical hazards.

Each of these matters is highly dangerous and can lead you to significant injury. Premises liability can also extend to property in a hazardous area that does not adequately warn visitors of the criminal activity.

Regardless of how the injuries happened, you have every opportunity to pursue compensation.

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