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Dangerous and Defective Product Claim
People use millions of different products daily, trusting that they are safe. We have the right to expect that what we use, and consume for that matter, is safe. Unfortunately, sometimes this is not the case. Ideally, government agencies such as the Food and Drug Administration, the National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration, and the Consumer Product Safety Commission monitor the safety of all of these products. Still, it seems no matter where we are, defective and dangerous products can find their way into our lives by errors in labeling, design, and manufacturing or even because of false marketing claims. This places us, as unsuspecting consumers, in danger, and life-threatening or long-term illness can result. If products are not constructed or transported correctly, they may be dangerous or defective (think cribs, strollers and children’s toys, foods and drinks, medicine and clothing).

Johnson & Christensen Law Office is familiar with product liability laws and is committed to holding those responsible for dangerous products and defects accountable.

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