Case Results

Case Results

Workers’ Compensation

$622,000: 58-year-old female with a shoulder injury

$300,000: 50-year-old male with a knee injury

$265,000: 52-year-old male with a shoulder injury

$230,000: 59-year-old male with leg injuries

$225,000: 62-year-old male with a shoulder injury

$125,000: 58-year-old male with pelvic and shoulder injuries

$120,000: 39-year-old male with shoulder and knee injuries

$100,000: 63-year-old male with shoulder and rotator cuff injuries

$75,000: 33-year-old male with a lower leg injury

Personal Injury

$2.2 million: High school age male with traumatic brain injury from a motor vehicle versus pickup truck accident

$2 million: 30 year old male who lost his leg in a machine malfunction

$1.2 million: 50 year old male wrongful death

$1.2 million: Minor child with traumatic brain injury following electric shock

$250,000: 29-year-old male ATV accident with traumatic brain injury as well as rib and back injuries

$134,000: Motorcycle accident with wrist and nose injuries

$125,000: Motor vehicle accident with neck and back injuries

Nursing Home Abuse

$400,000: Wrongful death case

$225,000: Arbitration award female nursing home resident who broke her hip

$175,000: Male nursing home resident with recurrent infectious ulcers