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Case Results

Workers’ Compensation

Won hearing in front of South Dakota Department of Labor and Management Workers Compensation for man blinded in one eye following a work injury. He had metal in his eye while working and multiple surgeries following the injury. He sustained almost 100 percent blindness in one eye and experienced ongoing pain. The insurance company refused to pay him a fair settlement.

Won hearing in front of South Dakota Supreme Court after being denied benefits by the South Dakota Department of Labor and Management Workers Compensation for benefits to a man who lost part of his leg due to an infection clearly caused by his work injury.

$622,000: 58-year-old female with a shoulder injury

$300,000: 50-year-old male with a knee injury

$265,000: 52-year-old male with a shoulder injury

$230,000: 59-year-old male with leg injuries

$225,000: 62-year-old male with a shoulder injury

$125,000: 58-year-old male with pelvic and shoulder injuries

$120,000: 39-year-old male with shoulder and knee injuries

$100,000: 63-year-old male with shoulder and rotator cuff injuries

$75,000: 33-year-old male with a lower leg injury

Personal Injury

$2.5 million: Permanent facial scars caused by head-on motor vehicle collision

$2.2 million: High school age male with traumatic brain injury from a motor vehicle versus pickup truck accident

$2 million: 30 year old male who lost his leg in a machine malfunction

$1.2 million: 50 year old male wrongful death

$1.2 million: Minor child with traumatic brain injury following electric shock

$250,000: Soft tissue injuries to the calf and neck following a motor vehicle accident with a truck

$250,000: 29-year-old male ATV accident with traumatic brain injury as well as rib and back injuries

$134,000: Motorcycle accident with wrist and nose injuries

$125,000: Motor vehicle accident with neck and back injuries

Nursing Home Abuse

$400,000: Wrongful death case

$225,000: Arbitration award female nursing home resident who broke her hip

$175,000: Male nursing home resident with recurrent infectious ulcers