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Skilled Motor Vehicle Accidents Representation

If you have been the victim of a motor vehicle accident in Sioux Falls, or the surrounding areas, you know all too well the confusion and stress that can follow. Trying to earn compensation while managing your health can result in less-than-ideal outcomes for both. Instead of taking chances on your own, let an experienced legal team fight for you.

At Christensen Law Office, PC, our South Dakota attorneys are here for you, focusing exclusively on plaintiff representation to ensure your voice is heard and your rights are upheld. When you were not at fault for the collision, our role is to stand firmly on your side, navigating the legal landscape to seek the justice and compensation you deserve.

Dangerous Highways And Byways

The bustling corridors of I-29 and I-90 are lifelines for commerce and travel, yet they bring with them increased risks of accidents, especially with distracted driving on the rise. Whether it’s a professional driver struggling with harsh winter conditions or a leisure motorcyclist impaired by alcohol, the dangers are real. Our lawyers know the roads of our state and which ones have a reputation for danger. When you are hurt on these roads, we are here to help you recover.

Our Approach To Motor Vehicle Accident Cases

We understand that behind every case is a human story. With compassion and strategic planning, our attorneys—Renee H. Christensen and Michael J. Christensen—will guide you through the legal process. We are committed to meticulous research and preparation to build a strong case on your behalf, no matter what may have caused the crash.

Each motor vehicle accident is different, and so are the legal paths to resolution. To better assist you, we have crafted detailed pages that address specific types of motor vehicle accidents:

No matter what kind of details surround your claim, we are prepared to explore all available options for maximizing the compensation you receive for your injuries.

Your Journey To Justice Begins Here

Do not let the aftermath of a motor vehicle accident overwhelm you. We are here to help, and are only a phone call away. Call 605-206-5872 or email us here to schedule your initial consultation after an accident today.