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Common injuries suffered by blue-collar workers

On Behalf of | Sep 30, 2022 | Workers' Compensation

You are susceptible to workplace injuries even if you do not think you work in a dangerous environment. Though catastrophic injuries do occur, it is much more likely you will suffer chronic pain from a seemingly harmless activity, especially as a blue-collar worker.

Keep reading to learn more about common workplace injuries for blue-collar workers. South Dakota does not have a law requiring workers’ compensation, according to the Department of Labor and Regulation. Check with your employer before you perform potentially harmful activities.

Repetitive stress injuries

One of the most common workplace injuries is from repetitive motion. Even if you do not operate heavy machinery or lift heavy objects for your job, performing the same action daily may lead to chronic and debilitating injuries. If you perform manual labor, try to figure out the most comfortable way to accomplish your tasks.

Slips, trips and falls

The other common workplace injuries are slips and falls. Again, these may happen in any line of work, but blue-collar workers who do not spend much time sitting down must take extra care. If you notice an unsafe walking surface at work, report it to your employer immediately.

Heavy machinery accidents

Heavy and moving machinery causes some of the most catastrophic workplace accidents. Ensure you and your coworkers receive the appropriate training before operating any heavy machinery. Machines such as forklifts require a certification to operate.

Blue-collar workers are essential to South Dakota’s economy. Unfortunately, they are more susceptible to workplace injuries because the work tends to be labor intensive. Practice safe operating procedures, and do not work through pain until you see a doctor.